Covid 19 Course Safety Measures

COVID 19 Course Safety Measures

We are running all our courses in accordance with the latest Government COVID-19 measures (as a minimum; in many ways we are stricter). The main measures are as listed below:

  1. At the present time, all Outdoor First Aid courses are being run mainly outdoors - we have access to the building for the use of the toilet and washing facilities (indoor training can however take place if the weather is very poor). Each course will have a maximum of seven candidates (this is allowed under present UK Government guidelines because it is a training activity, the limitation is mainly due to equipment availability – see measure 8). Candidates will need to come equipped with suitable clothing for the environment – including full waterproofs. Candidates must wear face covering when inside the building, two metre social distancing measures will apply both indoors and outdoors. In line with Government guidelines, please avoid car sharing if possible.

  1. All candidates will need to complete the health questionnaire three days prior to arrival and attend the pre-course Zoom meeting (time to be advised). Candidates are not to attend the course if they or a member of their household (or other close contacts) have symptoms of COVID-19 or have had symptoms in the past 14 days. You will be able to book on a later course if you wish at no additional cost or request a refund.

COVID-19 symptoms include a new persistent cough, fever, loss of smell and /or taste.

  1. All candidates will have their temperature checked on arrival at the centre on both days – should their temperature exceed 37.8 degrees C they will be asked to leave.

  1. Anybody displaying symptoms of COVID-19 during the course will have to leave the course and will be advised to book a COVID-19 test, all other course members will also have to leave the course and are to self-isolate in accordance with latest Government guidelines.

  1. Should a course member develop symptoms of COVID-19 after the course they are to also contact us as soon as possible, this will allow us to advise the other course members and the venue owners. If tested positive the course member will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace, as may well the other candidates.

With regards to the course itself, this will differ significantly from the standard outdoor first aid course, the main differences being as follows:

  1. All candidates will need to bring a folding chair as well as small groundsheet for outdoor activities. A flysheet or tarp may also be useful since a substantial part of the course will be run outdoors.

  1. Candidates are to bring their own PPE (masks or face coverings). Mask/face coverings will only be required indoors. Gloves will be provided for all practical sessions as required.

  1. There will be no shared equipment, each candidate will be provided with a trainer manikin, trainer AED’s, packaged bandages and dressings, auto-injectors, mats etc. CPR will be practised using a face shield.

  1. There will be sufficient washing and hand sanitizer facilities available (though you can bring your own if you wish).

  1. We cannot provide any refreshments – please bring with you hot and cold drinks and food as you wish. There are no kitchen facilities available. All personal food waste is to be taken to your own home for disposal.

  1. There will no PowerPoint presentation or books available – we will email over slides from the regular course for your personal use and advise of books that are available as E-books that can be purchased directly.

  1. Safe airway positioning, bandaging, choking training etc. will be taught using manikins and bandaging on yourself. There will be no person to person direct contact at any time during the course.

  1. Due to social distancing, we will not be able to practise casualty movement etc, this will be covered by discussion only.

  1. Scenarios will also be different than previous courses, so won’t be as much fun as previous courses, but we’ll try our best!

  1. We will include mental health awareness training on the course – something which could well be quite apt for outdoor leaders at this time.

  1. We will include practical training for first aid treatment of a casualty who may also have COVID-19. This will include the use of disposable visors and improvised PPE.

To download a copy of COVID 19 course safety measures please : click here