Equipment Sales

We are now a supplier of selected Lifesystems products that are used on our Outdoor First Aid Courses

All products will be sent you direct by 2nd Class Royal Mail. Costs include VAT at 20%, postage and packing.

Lifesystems Blizzard Blanket

A compact, highly reflective blanket using Reflexcell multi-wall technology to maximise the thermal properties of the material. Ideal for use in extreme cold to protect from the elements and maintain body heat. The blanket can be used more than once.


Packed: 21 x 11 x 4cm

Unpacked: 190 x 240cm

Weight: 320g

Cost £21 postage paid ( inc VAT)

Lifesystems Mountain Survival Bag

A strong, lightweight bag made from a tough plastic material. Designed to reduce the loss of body heat in an emergency, the Survival Bag serves as a personal emergency shelter. The bright orange colour means it can also be used as a distress signal. D of E recommended kit.


Packed: 10 x 18 x 3cm

Unpacked: 75 x 210cm

Weight: 290g

Cost £6 postage paid ( inc VAT)

Reflexcell Technology – the science bit!

Reflexcell technology is used in the Lifesystems Blizzard Bag and Blizzard Blanket.

The multi-wall technology maximises the thermal properties of the material. Air is trapped in the multi-wall material, expanding the bag and providing excellent thermal properties.

How does it work?

  • 1. The cells in the multi-wall material trap air, providing insulation for the body. The elastic in the material allows it to hug the body which stops drafts.

  • 2. The silver reflective surfaces block heat from radiating out, and the outer layer is completely waterproof and windproof. The material works equally as well whether wet or dry.

  • 3. The material is stronger than other survival blankets as the three layers act as reinforcement for each other. If one is damaged then the others can remain intact. The elastic in the material also helps to keep the material relaxed so that it doesn't tear.

  • 4. The material can be compressed without damaging the performance and stored indefinitely before use.